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Registration and Compliance

Two sets of rules that control our sector for retail clients may need us to see your ID. The HMRC ‘Gold Rules’ for gold investment and the Money Laundering Regulations are the two. For orders totalling more than £5,000 or a yearly spending total above £10,000 (regardless of the mode of payment). Sometimes, before submitting anything to us, it’s important to have a copy of your photo ID and a current, “Certified” utility bill.

Regardless of its value, if the nature or circumstances of the order suggest it would be prudent for us to take this action, we may additionally request your ID.

For assistance with compliance or registration, please contact 0800 862 0247.

Alternatively, send an email to info@nextdaybullion with the details of any single order valued at more than £5000.00 along with the payment method. We will reply with all the instructions you need to move forward to complete your purchase.