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Returns and Cancellations

Under the Financial Services (Distance Marketing) Regulations 2004, there exists no statutory right for Returns and Cancellations an order once it has been placed. This is due to the nature of the goods we provide, which are subject to fluctuations in financial markets.

We accept your order once your account has been verified and payment has been confirmed – establishing a legally binding contract between you and us. This acceptance is contingent upon product availability. We retain the discretion to reject any order, even after payment has been made.

Should you choose to terminate an order before it is dispatched or collected, you will incur charges for any decrease in the underlying metal price of the goods from the time of order placement to the time of termination, in addition to a termination fee of 5%. This Returns and Cancellations policy covers all items whether they are pre-ordered or in stock.

If however, the product is out of stock, there is an error in the product’s price or description, or if we cannot meet a specified delivery deadline, we will be unable to accept your order. In such cases, we will notify you and will not be charged for the product. Any payments already made will be refunded in full.

We reserve the right to cancel any order at our discretion and return the funds to the customer.