2023 Sparta 2oz Silver Coin

  • Weight (g): 62.2
  • Condition: New
  • Diameter: 50mm             
  • Country: Niue
  • Face value: 5 Dollars
  • Year: 2023
  • Mintage: 500
  • Fineness: .999
  • Pure Silver content (g): 62.2

£278.08 inc VAT

In stock

Unveiling a peerless collectible coin that venerates the indomitable spirit of Sparta, the legendary city-state that echoes through the annals of history. Sparta 2oz silver coin commemorates the valor and resilience of the Spartan warriors, epitomizing their enduring legacy that continues to inspire generations.

The coin boasts a captivating Antique Finish, lending it an aged allure that resonates with Sparta’s historical legacy. The High Relief design adds depth and dimension, emphasizing the valor and resilience of the Spartan Warriors. Selective 24K gilding further enhances its visual impact.

Crafted with meticulous detail, this sterling Sparta 2oz silver coin showcases a vivid depiction of Spartan warriors. They are poised in their iconic battle formations, exuding strength and determination. The artistry captures not only the martial prowess but also the unwavering discipline that defined the Spartan way of life.

Moreover, the coin’s design embodies the essence of Spartan ideals: unity, fortitude, and unyielding courage. It features intricate engravings that enrich its appearance. Furthermore, the gleaming silver beautifully portrays the magnificence of Spartan armor, symbolizing their dedication to protecting their land.

Immerse yourself in the saga of ancient Sparta with this extraordinary coin. Additionally, it is a testament to the enduring legacy of a civilization built on honor, sacrifice, and the pursuit of excellence. Moreover, add this treasure to your collection. Let the spirit of Sparta inspire your journey through history’s most storied civilizations.

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