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585 Gold

585 gold is a type of gold alloy that is 58.5% pure gold. This is often called 14 carat gold, especially in the UK, and referred to as 14 karat Gold in the US. The other 41.5% of the alloy comprises other metals like silver, copper, or zinc, making the gold stronger and more durable.

Some gold coins and bars use 585 or 14 carat gold because of its increased durability. Additionally, this makes the gold more suitable for handling and circulation while retaining its value.

The ‘585’ stamp on gold refers to the amount of pure gold in the alloy per 1,000 units. 14 carat gold contains 58.3% pure gold, which is 583 grams per thousand. Therefore, 14-karat gold uses the “585” stamp to indicate its purity level.

585 Gold Hallmark

The hallmark ‘585’ on a gold product indicates that the item is 14 carat gold. It is always mentioned as a stamp on the Gold Coins and Gold Bars. This means that the fineness of Gold is 585 out of 1000 parts. The Hallmark is so important as it shows the purity content of Gold that is always mentioned as a stamp on Gold products.

585 Gold Hallmark

585 Gold Price Per Gram

The current price per gram of 585 (14ct) gold is approximately £33.50. The cost of gold can fluctuate based on factors like global supply, demand, and economic conditions.

Notably, If the overall gold price is £1,800 per ounce, then 585 (14k) gold would be worth around £945 per ounce. The exact price can vary a bit depending on the buyer or seller.

585 Gold Properties


585 gold is a gold alloy that contains 58.5% pure gold and 41.5% other metals such as silver, copper, zinc, or palladium.


585 gold is equivalent to 14 carat gold, which means it has a purity of 58.5%. This alloy is less pure than 24 carat gold, which is 99.9% pure.


The color of 585 gold can range from yellow to white to rose, depending on the specific metals used in the alloy. The addition of metals like copper can create a reddish hue, while silver can produce a whiter color.


14 carat White Gold

It is a mixture of pure gold with white metals like silver, nickel, and palladium mostly with a rhodium coating. 14 carat white gold is a good choice of metal that looks especially stylish on people with rosy or fair skin.

14 carat Yellow Gold

Artisans combine pure gold with alloy metals such as zinc and copper to create yellow gold. This blend enhances the gold’s durability and gives it a rich, warm color.

14k Rose Gold

Rose gold includes shades of red, rose, and pink. They make it by mixing pure gold with copper. Consequently, the more copper in the mix, the more colored the gold becomes.


One of the main advantages of 585 gold is its durability. Additionally, the addition of other metals to the pure gold makes the alloy harder and more resistant to scratches, dents, and other forms of wear and tear.


Despite its increased durability, 585 gold retains some of the malleability of pure gold. Gold can also be easily shaped and molded into various forms like gold coins and gold bars.

585 Gold Coins

585 gold coins come in various finishes, from proof to uncirculated. Their price depends on the current gold price, as well as the coin’s rarity and condition. The UK likely makes unique 14 carat gold coins since it is a major gold producer with a long history of minting coins.

585 Gold Coin Uses

Investors mainly use 585 gold coins for investment due to their balanced gold content, durability, and affordability. Investors like them for diversifying portfolios, and collectors appreciate their beauty and history. These coins have value for both investment and collection due to their intrinsic worth and craftsmanship.

585 Gold Jewelry

585 gold, also known as 14 carat gold, is a popular choice for jewelry because it offers a good balance of durability, beauty, and affordability. 14 carat gold jewelry is strong enough to handle regular wear and tear and is more affordable compared to higher-karat options.

Its versatility allows it to be used in various types of jewelry, from stamped pieces to gold-plated items, making it a favorite among jewelry enthusiasts and wearers alike.

585 Gold Bars

14ct gold bars come in different sizes, like 7.5 grams and 20 grams. The weight and fineness (585) guarantee and stamp on the front of the bars. Their price fluctuates with the international gold price, refining costs, capital costs, and dealer profit margins. The formula calculates the value by multiplying the gold price by the fineness (0.585).

585 Gold Bars Use

Investors commonly use 585 Gold bars for their balance of value and durability. Moreover, certified for authenticity, they are a reliable choice for investors. Additionally, 14 carat gold bars are used in making jewelry, high-end electronics, and dental fillings because they resist corrosion and tarnish.