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999 Gold

999 Gold represents the fineness of gold in its thousandth part, which is considered the highest purity of gold. This means out of a thousand parts, 999 parts are gold.

Due to its extreme softness, people do not use it for jewelry but for investment purposes like gold bars and coins. It represents the pinnacle of gold purity and has the highest price which varies depending on many factors.

999 Gold or 24k

Both 999 Gold and 24k are interchangeable terms used to measure the high purity of gold. This means that 99.9% of the gold in 1000 parts is gold, and 24k represents the purity content of gold in 24 parts

Historically, people used the carat system, especially for gold jewelry and watches. Today, they more commonly use the fineness system in parts per thousand, particularly for investment gold like coins and bars.

999 GOLD, Pure Gold

999 Gold Prices

As the 999 Gold has the highest purity content of Gold among all types of Gold it has maximum prices. The prices may vary depending on the weight and design of gold bars and coins.

999 gold refers to an extremely pure form of the precious metal, with 999.0 and 999.9 being common purities. A 100-gram bar of 999.9 fine gold has a fine gold weight of 99.99 grams or 3.215 troy ounces. The table below provides the fine gold content in troy ounces for various weights of both 999.0 and 999.9 pure gold.

Weight999.0 Fine999.9 Fine
1 gram0.032 oz0.032 oz
10 grams0.321 oz0.322 oz
50 grams1.606 oz1.608 oz
100 grams3.215 oz3.215 oz

999.9 Gold 

Although refining gold to a purity of 100% is not possible, 999.9 gold is considered extremely pure. The highest purity ever achieved was 999.999 fine gold, but this was a rare and expensive occurrence.

In general, refiners can regularly produce gold with a fineness of 999.9, which is still considered pure gold. Mints like the British Royal Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and Perth Mint often strike coins and bars in 999.9 pure gold.

999.9 Gold

999 Gold Uses

999 gold is the purest gold available, but it is too soft to use for most jewelry. However, people commonly use 999 gold to make gold coins and bars for investment purposes. They also use it in some industrial and medical applications because of its unique properties.

Coins and Bars

999 gold is often used to make gold coins and bars for investment, ensuring their value and purity by using the purest form of gold.


Some jewelers offer 999 gold collectible items like bars, coins, and intricate jewelry pieces. These can be good for investment or as keepsakes.


The excellent conductivity and resistance to corrosion of 999 gold make it useful in small amounts for electronic devices like connectors, switches, and circuit boards.


In dentistry, gold alloys, including 999 gold, are used for fillings, crowns, and bridges.

Global financial and commodities markets

The purity and value of 999 gold make it important in the global financial and commodities markets. Many countries mint official gold coins and bars using 999 gold, then buy, sell, and hold as assets globally. The widespread use of 999 gold for these investment-grade products gives it significance in the international economy and financial systems.