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9 Carat Gold

9 Carat Gold is the same in the UK as 9 Karat Gold in the US. 9 Carat Gold ranks among the lower purities of gold used in mainstream applications; however, it remains quite common and far from worthless. Moreover, this purity is prevalent in the UK, where people accept it as one of the lowest purities of gold.

Due to its affordability and versatility, 9k gold is a preferred choice for everyday jewelry. Consequently, it appeals to many consumers because they appreciate the balance between quality and price. Additionally, its durability makes it a practical option for frequent wear.

What is 9 carat Gold?

9 carat gold is a gold alloy that contains 37.5% pure gold, or 375 fineness divided into a thousand parts. Furthermore, other metals such as copper, silver, and zinc make up the remaining 62.5%.

As a result, this composition makes 9 carat gold less expensive and harder than higher-carat alloys. Yet it still retains the distinctive color and appearance of gold.

9 carat Gold UK - 375 Gold

9 carat Gold Purity

9 carat gold, often referred to as 9k gold, contains 37.5% pure gold by weight. Moreover, jewelers add these additional metals to enhance the gold’s strength and achieve the desired color, as pure gold (24k) is too soft for most practical uses in jewelry products.

9k White Gold 

9k white gold is an alloy made by adding silver in pure Gold to create the white color. Therefore, the addition of silver gives 9 carat white gold its characteristic appearance, making it an attractive and affordable alternative to higher-carat white gold alloys.

9k Rose Gold

Significantly, 9k rose gold contains 37.5% pure gold, 20% silver, and 42.5% copper, which gives the metal a reddish tone. Additionally, the higher copper content in the alloy contributes to the distinctive pink or rose hue.

9 carat Gold price per gram

The price of 9 carat (9k) gold per gram in the UK is currently £21.07. However, this price can change based on various factors. For instance, global gold prices, gold purity, supply and demand, and currency exchange rates all play a role. Furthermore, any additional taxes or fees from gold dealers or retailers can also influence the price. Therefore, it is essential to consider these variables when assessing the cost of 9 carat gold.

9 carat Gold price per ounce

The price of 9k gold per ounce in the UK fluctuates based on various factors such as market demand, economic conditions, and global geopolitical events. Consequently, prices can range from £689.85 to GBP 713.63. Additionally, these figures vary depending on the specific source and the date the information was obtained.

9k vs 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k and 24k Gold

The major difference between 9k and the other carats of gold is the purity content.

Usually, 9k Gold is the least pure Gold having 37.5% purity, 10k Gold is also less pure having 41.7% pure Gold, and 14k Gold contains 58.5% pure Gold with 585 fineness. While 18k Gold has 75% pure Gold with 25% impurities and 22k Gold has 91.6% pure Gold content with 8.4% other metals.

24k Gold is known as the purest form of Gold with 99.99% Gold purity.

CaratGold PurityFinenessCommon Use
9k37.5% pure gold375Everyday jewelry
10k41.7% pure gold417Simple jewelry
12k50% pure gold500Plain jewelry
14k58.5% pure gold585Fine Jewelry
18k75% pure gold750Fine Jewelry
22k91.6% pure gold916Investment, coins
24k99.9% pure gold999Investment, coins
9k vs 10k,14k,18k,22k and 24k Gold